Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking forward to FW shoes!

I'm doing these summary reports on the shoe trends to come Fall.Winter 2013 for work so I might as well post them. No hard work goes undone!

This is for the RiRi concert I'm missing tonight. Sad face.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dancing Days

I remember my first concert like it was yesterday. In the mall's only venue, now known as Ed's (because they had taken down the "r"), it was small, intimate, scene-y and exciting. I recall running around the whole place just to figure out where was the best view, it didn't take long before I realized the front was always optimal. Years later you realize your instincts were right and being tiny made it manditory to get your ass in the front or else you won't be seeing shit.
17 and squished in the front.
They were on maybe their second album? I don't even remember. Full of lesbian couples and other long front bang-ed kids with checkered Vans on. We tried to get some bootleg alcohol in us before it started but to no luck. We stood singing to all the lyrics. The crowds were so tight they pushed me up against this tall, TALL couple where her water bottle was in her back pocket and little did I know I was going to be grinding with it all set.
Tee&Ess. Ahh memories. So excited for their new album.
I don't know what it is but I'm slightly okay with their hearthrobe choses. Like the guy from the singing competition movie (check), the chick from the L Word (check), Andy Samberg (MAJOR CHECK) but Cory Montieth? Maybe it's the whole dating Lea Michelle that's throwing me off.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I miss you Hong Kong

Photos by Stockholm-based photographer Christian ├ůslund (through honestlywtf)
I really miss the heat, the food, the accessibility of anything possible, the subway, the noise.... I'd never live there again in my life but that is a personal choice. A choice that involves the looming negative influence of China, economically, politically, socially, etc. It's more scary than good. It actually saddens me that the place I used to call home is disintegrating in front of your eyes in so many ways. But I will say for art and fashion, it is nothing but a paradise business model. Art galleries and auctions are crazy nuts and every fad and trend works like a designers' dream. It could probably be the only city where H&M can sell out their Margiela products. It's a crazy, crazy place HK. Miss you to bits!